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An often-overlooked aspect of the explosion of Internet gambling is the impact of free games. Free online video poker is likely having a noticeable effect on the banks of machines in Vegas. Why you ask? Because those who play free online video poker while home, are more likely to win more money when they play for real, either at the casino, or online.

The reason for this is simple, video poker is a game of skill, which means the more you practice, the better you'll get. The better you are at the game of course, the more likely you are to win. Video poker skills are best developed without the constraints of time (you have to leave a casino sometime), or cost (you have to leave the casino when you're broke!). The solution is of course, going online. Video Poker on the Internet is a little different. Online casinos will gladly let you play their games for free, because it means you're more likely to play at that casino for real money in the future.

Free video poker lets you work with a basic strategy card for the machine you're playing, which means you can put as many hours as you want to towards perfecting your playing strategy. The more familiar you are with your strategy, the less likely you'll be to make a mistake when playing for real money, and the less mistakes you make the more cash you'll pull in.

There is also an added advantage to online play that has just become a reality recently. You can now play free online video poker and collect points to become eligible for real prizes. Some of the more common prizes are a padded bankroll at an online casino, which you can certainly turn into some video poker winnings, after all, a larger bankroll will let you weather a more volatile progressive machine, or play longer on a flat game.

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