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#1 - Online Video Poker V.S. Vegas

What's the real deal with online video poker? Is it better than Vegas, worse than Vegas, or just about the same thing? Well, some will say Vegas is better, since it has all the lights and sounds and commotion. While some will say online video poker is better, because it doesn't have any of the lights, sounds and commotion. Basically, most of it comes down to a matter of opinion.

Video poker players are more likely to adapt well to the world of online play than say, a craps player. Video Poker is a sit down game, a one player game, a dealerless game, and a game where concentration is an important variable. Taking all of these things into consideration, it certainly seems like the average video poker player could get just as much out of playing from home. The variable of concentration is so important in fact, that the act of playing at home probably decreases the house edge against you significantly, as you're entire attention span can be placed right on the game.

This fact has been largely ignored by the literature since online gambling has become widely available. Those who run things in Vegas don't want to publicize the fact that its patrons could improve their game on their own time, away from Vegas, especially since once the player learns that and learns how to, they may switch to online video poker exclusively.

A major reason video poker players do make the switch to online play is because of the way we are comped on the Internet. Online video poker players are comped before they play, with cash that is added to their bankroll, with the amount . At a land based casino you are comped after you play, depending on how much you play, and for how long. This method, while easy for the casinos, isn't quite as nice as if they'd walk up to you and give you free credits.

Article #2 - Free Online Video Poker - How to win more money


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